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Living in a northern climate, the winters can be a bit much. Because of this, my closet is full of warm clothes. Four to five months with snow on the ground tends to wear on you over time. But with an active family and 2 teenage boys, we continue to soldier on regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way. The new Trek Pullover from Tekkima is a nice middle weight half zip addition to that closet. Easily worn over a t-shirt for mild conditions or as a layering piece under an outer shell. The mid-weight Trek Pullover is not only functional but quite versatile as well.

Trek Pullover Features courtesy of tekkima.com

  • Half zipper
  • 2 exterior pockets
  • Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton rib brushed knit
  • Colors: Blue, Khaki
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • MSRP $85

Although I mentioned living in a Northern climate, I don’t want to leave my Southern friends out. After all, you’re the folks that bundle up when the temps dip into the 60’s. We typically leave the freezing temps of Michigan for spring break and head to Florida to visit family that winters down there. And we love seeing all the sweaters and long pants at dinner. I guess when 85 is normal, 60 is pretty cold, right? Anyhow, we’re in flip flops and shorts if it’s anywhere above 45F. So don’t forget your Trek Pullover before dinner in the balmy South too.

 If you haven’t already heard about Tekkima, for decades, their parent company has been producing apparel for several large brands in the industry. They own their own factory allowing clothing design from sketchbook concept to the finished product. Another benefit of keeping the entire process in-house is cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the end user. If you are looking for a few new pieces in your casual wardrobe, take a look at the Tekkima website and browse the jackets and pullovers.

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